Friday, February 17, 2006

Ah, commisions.

I have just gotten my first commision for a custom tattoo. A friend of my sisters is going to pay me to do a custom tattoo design for here. I do believe i shall go get on that while it is fresh in my mind.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

McDonald's getting sued again.

GASTONIA, North Carolina (AP) -- A woman who said she found blood smeared inside her container of french fries is suing McDonald's Corp. for at least $10,000.


Americans. We are so sue happy. If I break my foot breaking into someone's house, while I stealing their personal valuables, then I am entitled to have them pay for not only my medical bills, but my pain and suffering. While I can slightly understand why this lady went to the doctor, couldn't she have asked the manager at that McDonalds to inquire about any major health issues that employee could have, and then take a bloodtest? Oh, no, privacy. If the manager had done that, then the employee would be suing for millions right now. Why does anything that happens to people in our countries have to end with a lawsuit, instead of two people getting together and figuring out a way to come to terms themselves? I am so tired of these commercials on television exploiting this new American fad, "Did someone have a complete accident in their car that had absolutly nothing to do with you, but you saw it and now your neck hurts? Let us help you sue them!" Ah, when will good old fasion 'Let's settle this ourselves' happen again?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I pledge allegiance, to my lawyer...

Prostitutes call for ban on GTA
Sex workers cry foul, say game "accrues points to players for the depiction of rape and murder of prostitutes."

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is getting attacked from all angles. Joining the ranks of politicians, policemen, and attorneys in their crusade to see the game lifted from shelves are the nation's sex workers. On its Web site, the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA is asking parents to assist them in calling for a ban of Take-Two Interactive's controversial game.


What is with this? I don't really like the game anyways, but shouldn't parents be monitoring what their children can and cannot do? Why is everyone so up in arms about a game? I have played violent games, and watched violent cartoons most of my life, and still do, but I am not about to go kill a hooker. Why can't people accept that video games don't kill people, guns don't kill people, but people who have not been raised right, and haven't been taught the right morals DO kill people. Oh and Chuck Norris.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Anti-emo, it comes easily...

I am anti-emo. Most of the people i have to deal with all day at my real job are little whiney, crybaby "I cut myself for fun" kids, that are so depressed....

because mommy and/or daddy won't buy them a Jetta.

Anyways, i do anti-emo artwork for shits and giggles so much, and i just recently finished one that just screamed t-shirt. So this happened. Already it seems to be selling well, and i hope it stays that way. I have had so many run-ins with the crybabies, that emo art is just the most fun thing i draw. Back to the drawing board, quite literally.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moderators who love to flaunt powers

While I certainly understand a rule saying "no posting links to your sites", how is posting a link to a blog breaking this rule? Yes, I have links here, as they pertain to my daily life, and no, they are not all to my Spork designs. So how am I spamming by sharing a part of my life with people I know? They can ban me, I could care less. The website in question is a really fun site, and i got a lot of giggles out of it. But, things must come to an end for everything, and this just may be the end of my stay at Webrats. For all of the rest of you that havent had your Cheerios pissed in, go ahead and give that site a spin. Lots of great porn and people there. Adios mi amigos.

What A Day

So today we did both of my children's birthdays, my son is turning 5 and my daughter just turned 4. We took them to the Gulf Coast Zoo, which is MUCH smaller than I am used to, but nicer, you actually get to get up close and see the animals. I got licked by a giraffe today. There was one monkey, i couldn't name it, but it was almost singing opera, and was so hilarious. Then as we were leaving, we went to the gift shop so my kids could each pick out one item, and i see these monkeys hanging up. All of them were tan, brown, white, dull colors, but right in the middle of them all, there was a blue one. Blue Monkey is my personal symbol of prosperity, and i have done a number of pieces on it, including this one. I had to have it, and shelled out $13 for it. But to me, that is well worth having a blue monkey.