Friday, January 16, 2009

Moogle Riding a Chocobo Tattoo!

This was the girl's first tattoo. I had wanted to tattoo a chocobo or a moogle for a long time, so when she came in wanting both.....yeah, I was pretty stoked. She didn't want the more "realistic" version of the chocobo, nor did she want the seriously cartoony one from Chocobo's Dungeon, so I drew up something in the middle for her. I love drawing chocobos, but for some reason I had never drawn a moogle before. I'm pretty happy with the pose, and the way it all came out though. It was super fun to tattoo.

Also, the girl who had gotten the "No Music, No Life" tattoo on her foot came in to get somnething else done, so I grabbed a healed picture. Turned out pretty solid for her being in basic training, and having to pretty much immediately put her tattoo destroying boots on.