Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moderators who love to flaunt powers

While I certainly understand a rule saying "no posting links to your sites", how is posting a link to a blog breaking this rule? Yes, I have links here, as they pertain to my daily life, and no, they are not all to my Spork designs. So how am I spamming by sharing a part of my life with people I know? They can ban me, I could care less. The website in question is a really fun site, and i got a lot of giggles out of it. But, things must come to an end for everything, and this just may be the end of my stay at Webrats. For all of the rest of you that havent had your Cheerios pissed in, go ahead and give that site a spin. Lots of great porn and people there. Adios mi amigos.

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