Thursday, February 16, 2006

McDonald's getting sued again.

GASTONIA, North Carolina (AP) -- A woman who said she found blood smeared inside her container of french fries is suing McDonald's Corp. for at least $10,000.


Americans. We are so sue happy. If I break my foot breaking into someone's house, while I stealing their personal valuables, then I am entitled to have them pay for not only my medical bills, but my pain and suffering. While I can slightly understand why this lady went to the doctor, couldn't she have asked the manager at that McDonalds to inquire about any major health issues that employee could have, and then take a bloodtest? Oh, no, privacy. If the manager had done that, then the employee would be suing for millions right now. Why does anything that happens to people in our countries have to end with a lawsuit, instead of two people getting together and figuring out a way to come to terms themselves? I am so tired of these commercials on television exploiting this new American fad, "Did someone have a complete accident in their car that had absolutly nothing to do with you, but you saw it and now your neck hurts? Let us help you sue them!" Ah, when will good old fasion 'Let's settle this ourselves' happen again?

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