Monday, April 06, 2009

Jesus Steaks, Healed Snakes, and A Traditional Dagger

So, this kid comes in with his friend who's getting her ribs done. He has decided he wants stakes on his wrists. I ask "Like, meat steaks?" He laughs a little bit, and then says "nah, you know, like the nails used on Jesus". So, I start drawing it up, after jokingly drawing a t-bone steak. A couple of other people asked me what I was srawing, and him what he was getting. Every single person had the same response:

"Like, meat steaks?"

I had started this on my friend Scooter not too long ago. Heres a nice healed up picure.

This guy came in, and had me draw up a dagger, with the words "death before dishonor" in a banner. I am NOT a fan of the way he wanted the lettering, script just doesn't look right with traditional style tattoos, unless they are a tribute tattoo ect. but eh, thats what I think. He sat pretty still, and I'm glad for that.

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Jonatan Sophie said...

awesome tattoos