Monday, January 19, 2009

Sacred Hearts and Hilarious Flash

Okay, so this guy came in with a friend of his. The friend asked me the standard "how much" question and showed me something, and I quoted him a price thinking he wanted it a LOT bigger than he was thinking, so I told him $300...he decided to go ask someone else (which was understandable after I realized how big he wanted it), but his friend decided to ask me how much for this sacred heart flash he brought in. It was terrible. I'll admit, it wasn't as bad as the guy that came in with something off (no fuckin joke), but it was pretty bad. The only reason I could tell it was a sacred heart was because of the flames and thorns. So, I told him $200, if I could redraw it.

Now to the guy that came in earlier. I felt sorry for my coworker, Rob, when he had to deal with this. Seriously, why would you go to a website called, and decide, 'Oh, I want that tattoo'? I mean, seriously? Whut? Rob had to redraw it, and make it not suck. He did it, I give him props, but dame, that mustve given him some kinda headache.

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