Thursday, October 09, 2008

So, I know I've Been Slacking....

But hey, sometimes we get busy, and sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes we get World of Warcraft at home....

So heres some more tattoos for you to peruse at your leisure.

I did this on a former Miss Deaf America. Flowers on a hip.

Laugh now, cry later tattoo, custom drawn.

Neo-traditional rose tattoo, custom.

Here's a monkey tattoo I did on my brother's girlfriend. It's for her son that likes to scoot around on the floor with his cars.

And I'm gunna toot my own horn here a little. This guy came in with a video of a soccer player with his name in big black roman/greek-esque lettering on his arm, i think, and he wanted his name just like that. I told him how much it was gunna be, and then said I could do it for a little bit less if I could do it in a way that he would like that would be fun for me to do as well. He agreed, and I got to do this, which I think is the best tattoo I have ever done.

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bonnie. said...

That last one is SICK.

Sylven said...

That truly is a thing of beauty. I'm going to study that one.

Derek said...

tattoo looks amazing.
BUT... It basically says CTHORTSZ. I know those Greek letters look cool but those are the wrong ones to correspond with those sounds/letters.