Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Tattoos and Stinky Feetses.

I don't know what I like better. Having clients that basically just come in and say "draw me something Z" or people that come in for their first tattoos and get way more than they expected (and paid for according some a coworker, lol).

This girl came in, and after looking in all the portfolios about 4 times, looking on the internet for about 2 hours, and just generally looking around and I guess thinking about what she wanted done, she came up to me and said she wanted a violet. I asked her if she wanted realistic, cartooney, what was her flavor, and at first she said realistic. She then saw a picture on my wall that I had put on my sister-in-law of a lotus, smoke and ohm, and told me "You now what? Just draw me something halfway in between, and if I like it better, then we'll do that instead."

here it is:

Also, if you know ou are getting a tattoo near your foot, or somewhere that your tattoo artist needs your shoe off, or on your foot, wash your feet. Please. My boss has got some swampfoot stank going on. But, he also let me start a really fun tattoo on him. Can't wait to finish it.

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Mishy said...

Yaaay someone liked my tattoo enough to change what they wanted ;) That's awesome!! We need to find a Sunday me and Dan can come in to have ours touched up.