Monday, February 18, 2008

Always Have Your Camera

So, I had a customer come in a couple weeks ago, he originally wanted more tribal. #ribal is the bane of my existence,.so he said "well, how about a bull? I wanted one eventually anyways." So, I draw out this bull, he says hell yeah, and i sit on his tattoo for 5 hours. I finish, and go to grab my camera from my toolbox. Didn't bring it. So he says he'll come back tomorrow, so I can get a picture. I wait all day the next day, he never showed up. For three weeks I hoped heZd come back. Finally, the day after I gave up, he walks in. Apparently, he was military, in training, and one kid decided to smoke and sell meth on base, which resulted in a lockdown. But, he came back the day he got offbase privilidges back. So I got my pictures. I'll post them later tonight or tomorrow.
Moral of the story? Keep your camera with you.

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