Friday, October 05, 2007

Police Brutality? No.

"Another shocking example of police brutality has been caught on camera showing a cop nearly breaking a girl's arm, punching her and then pepper spraying her in the face as she cries after being arrested for violating a city curfew."


Man, my dad's a cop. I hear all about it from both points of view. I swing one way or the other depending on facts. He did not almost break her arm. He didn't even come close. She's just a crybaby 15 year old punk ass kid that figures she's always rght, and when she's not, it's not her fault. If that was my kid, I would have picked her up, taken her home, and beat her ass myself. If I was him, and some punk kid that I was exceedingly patient with bit ME, I would have fucking hurt her. She's fucking lucky, that bite (assault) could have made him jerk back in a way that he snapped her wrist on accident with the cuffs.

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deeksdigs said...

I got deleted by a few people on myspace over my tough stance on this one.

Teach your kids respect people.

It'll keep them from being popped in the face more than once in their life.